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Business the Old Fashioned Way

Trade Shows and Conventions offer companies a unique opportunity to raise brand awareness and provide background about the products and services they offer. In today’s competitive market, it has become imperative for successful organizations to become an industry leader by distancing yourself from the competition.

Including a Cupa Cabana Espresso Bar at your next trade show helps your brand gain visibility, crucial face to face engagement with prospective buyers, and an opportunity to distance yourself from the competition. (See our coffee bar options.)

Spread The Word

Branded Coffee Cups and Sleeves will be seen by hundreds or even thousands throughout the day. Not many things draw the eye like a steaming hot gourmet caffeinated beverage at a Trade Show.Booth visitors will recognize your logo setting a great tone for friendly conversation.

Face to face engagement is a powerful and often the most effective way to cultivate a rapport between a business and potential clients and customers. The delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee being ground (no extra charge) is sure to draw a crowd. Your sales team has an opportunity to engage those waiting in line; attendees are typically more than happy to chat to the sponsor is providing them a free gourmet coffee beverage.

Be the Fan Favorite

Being different can go a long way. Those in attendance will see row after row of the standard convention booth- a table, scattered pamphlets, a large stand up sign and a free pen, candy or trinket. It isn’t exactly the most eye-catching spectacle. A trade show espresso bar creates excitement, provides something complementary that is not available at the venue, and offers an instant draw to your adjoined booth.

Leave It To Us

Cupa Cabana baristas are trained to deliver delicious gourmet beverages in a speedy but consistent pace. We have extensive experience with large volume crowds. Our stations are designed for quick in and out service. Espresso and Coffee catering is what our mobile service was built to do.

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