In the United States, the Standard Drip Coffee Maker is by far the most popular method of brewing coffee. The French Press is an excellent alternative to this method that yields a delicious beverage that is often fuller bodied and more flavorful. The standard French Press makes about 2 cups (8 oz) of coffee making it a great alternative to brewing a full pot. They are fairly inexpensive ($8-$30) easy to store and clean. It is also extremely portable. We recommend every coffee lover acquiring one of these simple devices- even if you do not plan on using it daily. The French Press is also a great alternative for those who have adopted the K Cup coffee maker, but still enjoys a more gourmet option from time to time.


To brew coffee using a French Press follow these simple instructions:

Boil water using a kettle. While the water boils add 1 oz of Coffee Grinds to the bottom of the Press (beneath the strainer). The beans should be ground slightly coarser than those for a drip coffee maker, ensuring they do not make their way through the strainer. The ideal temperature for the water is 205-210 degrees or just under the boiling point. Add 1/3 of the water first, taking care to make sure that all grinds are wet. Wait about 20 seconds and then add the rest of the water. Do not be surprised if the water acts as if it is still boiling as it is being added, this is normal. Let steep for 4 minutes.

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Interesting French Press Facts

Although commonly referred to as the French Press the device was invented by an Italian, Attilio Calimani in 1929.

Various Names for the French Press Cupa Cabana

VIDEO Transcript:
Hi, I’m Marianne Cordillo with Cupa Cabana Espresso and Coffee Catering. Today, we’re going to talk about brewing coffee at home with a French Press. The French Press has become my favorite method for home consumption. It’s a much cleaner and flavorful way to brew. To be honest, I rarely use my coffee pot at home anymore.

Most people enjoy a drip ground coffee for the French Press. However, my preference is to use espresso, but please feel free to use whichever you prefer. Today, we’re using Circus Dog Espresso from Coffee Labs in Tarrytown, New York.

Begin by boiling water. While the water boils, let’s discuss dosing. Dosing is the amount of espresso or coffee we’re going to use. Most experts measure in grams or tablespoons per cup. We haven’t found that to be very practical, so we measure in fingers. This is technically a three-cup French Press. However, that’s referring to the small cups that you would find in a restaurant or a diner. Most of us at home use coffee mugs, which are much larger. So, we’ll yield only two cups with a French Press of this size. We recommend two to three fingers worth, depending on how strong you enjoy your coffee or the size of your fingers, of course. Each individual’s taste is different, so please feel free to adjust the recipe to where you think it taste the best.

Now that the water has boiled, we are going to fill the French Press halfway and let it settle. Now we’re going to fill it the rest of the way, making sure that all of the little lumps of coffee that are floating are covered. Do you see it starting to brew? Now we’re going to cover it, let it brew and let it steep for four minutes.

So it’s been four minutes now, and take a look at the beautiful crema that has developed here. This is an indication that we’ve done this right, and the coffee is now brewed beautifully.

Now we’re going to press, gently. Press, and pour. The one thing to remember is you need to pour it right away, or the coffee will continue to steep, and it will become bitter.

Look at that beautiful, rich, dark, and flavorful cup of coffee.

Thank you for watching today. If you have any questions about what you’ve seen or suggestions about items we can make a video on, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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