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It’s nice to see you again, Thank you for stopping by…

Through the years, we let our business grow organically. In doing so, we were invited to rooftop decks, construction sites, appointment-only boutiques, backstage, backyards, sprawling offices, tiny offices, and block parties. And that’s just off the top of our heads

In hindsight, it makes total sense. While we take our coffee more seriously these days, we also tend to drink it everywhere and anywhere. Which is to say, booking us is about as low-risk as it gets in event planning

From your small intimate meetings to your large galas and festivals, Cupa Cabana remains committed to serving you, our clients, the best possible product and experience. Our team of highly skilled Baristas brings an element of flair and professionalism to your gathering. With modern equipment, a commitment to quality, and a tradition of excellence our Gourmet Beverage Service is completely customizable and sure to thrill you and your guests.

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

MY client loved the setup, quality and your staff was very pleasant and professional.
Breann F
NY Marriott Downtown

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