With the cool air settling over our northeastern state, many of us are preparing for cold-season, and overall for the chill of fall to arrive. What does that mean? It is time to begin switching out closets, and tucking summer neatly away and prepping for the autumn season. All the while, we’re sipping on various teas, because tea is amazing for the upcoming chill. If you’re a stickler for healthy habits – incorporating tea into your health (and beauty!) regimen can really bring some great benefits.


Tea is utilized in many different health perspectives and has been for thousands of years. According to the Empire of Tea – it is considered to be the second most consumed beverage on the planet, with water being number one. The first knowledge of its use originated in Asia, as a medicinal drink. Tea was a staple drink in the Renaissance and after. Seen as a “fashionable” thing to consume, Europeans began to mass produce and commercialize¬†the product.

What exactly is tea? Tea leaves are the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Depending on the level of oxidation of the leaves – you’ll get different types of teas that possess different flavors. White and Green tea is a bit lighter. Black tea is strong and full of flavor. Flavor is also dependent on the time it seeps, and the temperature of the water

Cupa Cabana Benefits of Tea

Benefits and Uses of Tea

Tea has been said to help with skin clarity, weight management, and cancer prevention. Some teas contain higher levels of caffeine, like coffee. Tea may protect against heart disease, and prevent or slow the development of liver disorders or diabetes. The antioxidants in the leaves have anti-aging effects, prevent inflammation and benefit the body. In a beauty regimen, tea helps de-puff eyes and reduce dark circles. It stimulates hair growth, fights acne, and tones the skin. You can even use a tea-rinse in your hair to make it shiny and healthy! What other kinds of tea-related remedies have you heard or swear by?

Teatime has never made you feel so good!

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