We did some of the math and figured out a way that every coffee drinker can save $1,000 yearly just by doing one easy thing…

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Welcome to Cupa Cabana TV, I’m Marianne Cordillo and today we’re discussing how the average coffee drinker can save $1,000 a year. Coffee is an $18 billion a year industry. Coffee shop and café sales are rising at an exponential 20% yearly growth rate. I feel these stats can be attributed to a couple of very simply trends. Americans are drinking more coffee, one. Two, the cost of coffee is rising per cup. And three, more Americans are buying coffee as opposed to making it. What I’m about to tell you can help you curb your costs against all three of these trends.

The national price average for a nine-ounce cup of brewed coffee is $1.38. This varies pretty vastly from region to region. For example, in New Jersey or New York City where we’re located, $1.38 will not get you more than a lukewarm cup at a gas station or a convenience store. However, this segment is about the average coffee drinker, so let’s continue. The average coffee drinker also drinks 3.1 cups per day. We’ve done some research and calculated that a cup of premium coffee, also nine ounces, using a premium coffee such as Peet’s or even most local roasters, costs just 40 cents to make at home. If you opt for Folgers or another lower level brand and buy in bulk, this can cost as little as 10 cents a cup.

Incredible. Almost $1 a cup savings for a much better product than you can make yourself. However, to eliminate any variables, only 35% of the population takes their coffee black, so let’s figure in some half and half, milk, sugar, Splenda, whatever your preference. So, let’s say a cup with a generous amount of cream and sugar costs 65 cents a cup. Let’s do some math. This chart illustrates three of the different variables we were just discussing; buying coffee daily, premium coffee at home, premium coffee with cream and sugar. Keeping in mind the average coffee drinker has three cups a day if you were to purchase every cup of coffee you enjoyed at the national average of $1.38, your expenditure would be over $1,500 a year. Black coffee drinkers brewing the same three cups for themselves will save over $1,000 a year while those who sweeten or add milk will be saving at least $800.

So when we compare these findings side by side, the results are pretty shocking. My advice? Pay for coffee when you go to a café or coffee shop that sells a quality product and enjoy it with friends, family, coworkers or your favorite book. Otherwise, invest in a good travel mug and get in the habit of brewing coffee at home, allowing you to enjoy a better cup of coffee at a fraction of the price you would on the go. Brewing a pot of coffee takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending upon your coffee maker and method, virtually the same amount of time it would to take you to stop, park and order your beverage at a café or establishment. Remember to share your coffee moments with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MyCupa. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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