With Mother’s Day around the corner, it is time to start thinking of things for Mom. By “things” – we don’t necessarily mean it has to be something lavish and expensive from a store. A lot of mothers would agree that they would prefer spending time with their daughter or son, versus a gift from the mall. Consider spending time with Mom by hosting her a Mother’s Day Tea Party.


Mother’s Day is usually taking place while flowers are in bloom and springtime is in full swing. Use this season as your inspiration. You can decorate the table with real flowers, or opt for fun paper ones, which are bright and colorful and simple to make! Choose your Mom’s favorite colors, or go along with a theme that you decide to incorporate into the day.

Mother's Day Tea Party, Decor Ideas
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Finger Foods

Small little sandwiches or crackers adorned with different cheeses, meats, vegetables, and hummus are all modest yet deliciously fulfilling portions that can be included in the menu for a tea party. The best part of making small batches of different items? Everyone’s palette is satisfied so that intimate tea party can turn into a larger affair and as long as you have enough ingredients, you can create food platters pretty quickly. Include grapes, strawberries, and angel food cake slices for a light and deliciously sweet finale to the menu.



Quite actually, the finale can end with a drink. While this is a “tea party” that’s not to say there is ONLY going to be just tea. Treat mom to a sweet cup of light (or dark) roast coffee to accent the delicious food sampling. Try adding different spices and creams to give her options. Some fruit juices, with seltzer and fresh fruit garnish, are also springtime appropriate

Mother's Day Tea Party
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Take a few photos with Mom at her Mother’s Day Tea Party and give it to her in a lovely frame. She’ll treasure both a memory and a thoughtful gift.


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