best way to store coffee at homeProperly storing the coffee you purchase for home is one of the most important ways to maintain quality, flavor, and freshness. Air, moisture, light, and heat are the worse enemy of freshly roasted coffee beans. All of these factors will greatly reduce quality and lifespan of coffee, leaving your morning brew flavorless and stale. Who wants to wake up to that every morning?

Coffee Storage Best Bets

Keeping in mind that the Commercial vacuum sealed packaging coffee come in does little to preserve it once opened. For the most part this package just preserves shelf life, and it does not take long for freshly roasted beans to rapidly diminish in quality and flavor.
The best way to store Coffee at home is in an airtight glass or ceramic jar, in a convenient but cool, dark, dry place. For most of us, that would be a kitchen cabinet or pantry, away from ovens/toasters because heat can warm the temperature inside adjacent cabinetry.
We feel that the simplest and most often overlooked aspect of this equation is purchasing coffee weekly or bi-weekly increments. Yes, buying coffee in bulk is slightly cheaper but what is the point in penny pinching if you do not like the coffee you are brewing?This only results in increased visits to your local coffee shops. Ask yourself- “How often do I grab a cup of coffee somewhere else because I think it tastes better than home.
Buying in bulk, vacuum sealing weekly increments, and freezing is certainly another option. However, this method will require a bit more time and attention. Pointers: 1. Be careful to only freeze once, never refreeze thawed beans. 2. Make sure to fully seal bags and remove any air. Over time in the freezer, the air can greatly decrease the quality of the coffee bean.

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Video Transcript:
Hi everyone! I am Marianne with Cupa Cabana Espresso & Coffee Catering. Welcome back to Cupa Cabana TV. Today we are going to talk about what we think is the best way to store coffee at home.

One of the most overlooked things about having good quality coffee at home is properly storing it. Air, light, moisture and heat are the biggest enemies to the freshness of coffee. If we store it properly it will stay fresher longer and maintain the quality.

Most coffee is packaged in these vacuum sealed bags. And these are great to preserve the shelf life, but once these bags are open, your coffee is now at risk for losing its freshness and quality. Okay, so once we get our coffee at home and open the bag, we want to store it in a cool, dark place. We prefer a ceramic container, such as this, and it is air tight, that’s very important. So when your bag home, you can put it right directly in the container, latch it closed, and make sure it stays air tight. We like to store it up here, in this cabinet, which is away from our stove over here so that there is no additional heat that would permeate the inside of this cabinet and get to the coffee.

Some people like to buy their coffee in bulk, vacuum seal it in weekly increments, and store it in the freezer. That’s a great idea too. There are two things to consider with this. One, freeze your beans only once, never refreeze and two, make sure all of the air is expelled from the bag.

Okay, so just to wrap up, the four biggest enemies of coffee are: air, moisture, light, and heat.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your coffee at home!

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