Did you know that 84% of event planners agree that experience is one of the most important aspects of a successful event?

One of the best ways to ensure your experience is the best it can be is by bringing in the event industry’s finest. People may think that catering is the same conventional service at every event, but that’s where they’re wrong. With so many myths surrounding the catering industry, we’re taking the time to bust these common misconceptions. 

When you’re ready to bring in a catering company that creates an incredible experience paired with the highest quality products available, Cupa Cabana is at your service. For now, let’s dive into three common myths and everything you need to know about hiring a catering company. 

Busting 3 Common Catering Myths

1. Catering Costs the Same as a Restaurant

Yes, people do believe that catering costs the same as a restaurant bill; this is far from the truth. When you bring in a catering company, you need to account for the cost of labor, transportation, and everything in between. 

Although it costs more than a restaurant bill, it’s essential to consider the importance of a catering experience. A catering company provides an authentic experience that pairs perfectly with an elegant venue. This means guests have the perfect event add-on rather than just sitting at a restaurant table.

2. Every Reception Needs Champagne

Sure it’s an American tradition to have champagne at every wedding. But it’s 2022, and time to do things differently. Champagne doesn’t float everyone’s boat and adds to the long bill heading your way. Don’t stress about considering different ways that you can make a toast. 

Busting 3 Common Catering Myths

Think of more affordable options such as sparkling wine or introduce non-alcoholic beverages into the mix. Making a toast without champagne won’t influence a guest’s experience as much as you think.

3. You Need to Hire a “One-Size-Fits-All” Company

That same old catering company is getting old. There’s no reason to bore your guests with hor oeuvres that don’t make an impact. 

Hiring a catering company such as Cupa Cabana is one of the best ways to create an experience no one will ever forget. Coffee catering provides your attendees a unique option that is a welcome refresh to conventional catering.

Busting 3 Common Catering Myths

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