Why should you choose coffee catering?

We may be biased, but there are more than a few reasons why coffee catering is the optimal option for your next corporate gathering, wedding, or event sized big or small.

Coffee catering not only checks the box for bringing the buzz, but it also provides an experience for your guests that is almost impossible to replicate. Hiring a traditional catering company that brings in tacos and pizza just doesn’t cut it. How can snacks compare to giving your guests a delicious espresso to sip on throughout the night?

Our team not only proudly serves some of the nation’s largest brands, such as Nike and Marriott, but we also work with local weddings and even backyard parties. There’s never an event too small for Cupa Cabana Coffee Catering!

Do you need more specific reasons why you should choose to work with Cupa Cabana? Keep reading.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Coffee Catering

Custom branding

Custom branding is one of the most popular options to add to our coffee bars. Imagine giving your guests a photo-op of standing in front of a picture of you and your loved one, followed by a cup from the original coffee catering company. Now that’s service!

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Coffee Catering

Not only that, we also work with large brands to highlight company values front and center. For example, our mobile coffee bar with Nike was a hit not only for the employees but also for the tourists and guests who stopped by. We always strive to provide the best service and products possible for our clients!

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Coffee Catering

Proprietary blend of coffee

Now that you have custom branding, you need delicious coffee to back it up. We source our proprietary blend of beans from around the world to make sure that our coffee stands out from the rest. An essential pillar in the #CupaExperience is ensuring that our coffee stands out from the crowd. None of our beans come from the local Dunkin Donuts; you can count on that.

Friendly and professional baristas

Custom branding? Check. Proprietary blend of coffee? Check. Now all you need is a professionally-trained barista to serve it up!

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Coffee Catering

Our friendly barista staff is trained to serve your guests with a positive attitude and the skills to match. So, if you would like an add-on of cinnamon spiced latte art, all you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll tell you the next steps.

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