Cupa Cabana Espresso 20th Anniversary Logo

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee – Freshly brewed and chilled coffee over ice. Topped with Whipped Cream and finished with a Caramel drizzle and a pinch of Sea Salt.

Cherry Cheesecake Latte – A shop of our proprietary Espresso blend with Steamed Milk with premium Torani Cherry syrup and Cheesecake flavoring. Topped with Whipped Cream.

Vanilla Frappe – Our classic blend of chilled proprietary Espresso, Milk, creamy Vanilla and Ice. Topped with Whipped Cream.

Strawberry-Banana Italian Soda – A uniquely refreshing carbonated beverage consisting of Strawberry and Banana flavors, Half & Half, and Seltzer.

Skinny Double Chocolate Almond Cappuccino (Marianne’s Pick) – A double shot of our proprietary Espresso blend with gourmet chocolate, premium Torani Almond syrup and steamed Skim Milk. Topped with  Whipped Cream.

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