Did you catch our last article on cold brew vs. espresso in terms of caffeine? In this great battle between two of the most popular coffee drinks, we’re focusing on something that’s at the forefront of your joe; taste. Let’s agree that caffeine is a significant factor that goes into deciding between the two, but how do these levels affect its drink-ability?

Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes, but the debate between these two drinks must go on! Keep reading to see how they stack up against each other in terms of the overall taste. Then, get a cup of each and compare it for yourself. Reach out on Instagram or Twitter, and let us know your final verdict.

Taste of Espresso vs. Cold-brew

If you weren’t aware already, the process behind making espresso isn’t exactly rocket science. Once very finely ground coffee beans become packed into a relatively small puck-shaped device, the magic begins. With hot water forced through this “puck” at high pressure, espresso often yields a much thicker and more bitter taste. But, you have to keep in mind the various factors that can switch up espresso favor.

According to digitaltrends.com, “the fineness of the grind, the length of the pull, and the size of the drink all play a part in the beverage’s taste.” After considering all the different options, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact taste of espresso. Let’s just say, expect a full-bodied flavor that may be slightly bitter.

Now, let’s move on to the taste of a cold brew masterpiece. As time-consuming as it can be, the final product is often worth the wait. With wait times for cold brew coming in around the 24-hour mark, you can expect a smoother and less acidic flavor. This is because, typically, the longer the extraction period, the smoother your drink will become.

With that being said, cold brew comes out on top for those looking for a sweeter and smoother flavored beverage. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give espresso a try. There’s a taste for everybody!

Look out next week for more differences between espresso and cold brew drinks from Cupa Cabana.

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