You’re sitting at your desk, attempting to get some work done when you raise your coffee to your lips and “not my NEW white blouse!” Sometimes, as we enjoy our coffee, tea, or espresso – we run into a little snafu, and one of the drawbacks to not being a clear beverage is the dreaded un-timely stain. We’ve all run into one of these accidents, but to defend against future stained garments, there are a few tips to try, depending on the material the stain is on.

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Cotton and Linens

Cotton and linen should be pre-treated with a stain fighter (as in a Tide Stick or Shout Towelette) as soon as possible. Therefore, you caffeinated sippers should keep one in your desk or purse! If you do not have access to a stain fighter stick or towelette, a solution of warm water with a drop of dish detergent for 15 minutes will do. Then, sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol to get help get rid of remaining stain residue. If this doesn’t work, you can use a presoak (think Oxiclean) to help eliminate the stain – just get the shirt laundered as soon as possible so any remnants will not remain on the garment.

Porcelain, Wood, Marble and Carpet

With all of the hosting for holiday events going on, if you have stains on your tables or countertops, it is time to get those out before your first guests arrive. For porcelain stained items, a small amount of baking soda rubbed with a damp cloth should do the trick. Coffee stains on wood? You’ll likely want to use a mild detergent or dish soap, and then treat the wood with polish or wax (this will help prevent additional, future stains as well). A mild detergent or soap can also be used on marble, but if you are running into tough, hard to get-rid-of stains, a cup of hydrogen peroxide, with a drop or two of ammonia applied to a blotting cloth can help with the stain-lifting process. If you are trying to lift coffee stains from your carpeting, saturating the stain with carpet stain remover, along with a solution of warm water, laundry or dish detergent and a spoonful of vinegar will help.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee… or Tea… or Espresso!

Of course, timing is key to all of this: a stain left untreated has the potential of leaving a lasting mark. For more tips on stain removal from other surfaces, such as leather, suede, silk and brick – visit HERE. Accidents are inevitable, but by keeping the proper components handy, you’ll be able to keep a fresh, stain-free closet and home easily.



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