The summer heat is no joke! As the temperature and sun intensity begins to ramp up in the mid-year months, it is important to stay hydrated, and that goes for your little ones as well! We’ve rounded up some fresh and fun ideas that are perfect for summer, and keeping you and your family safe and well-hydrated during the summer months.

Cupa Cabana Summer - Stay Hydrated


How Much Water is Needed to be Properly Hydrated?

Typically the answer is 8 servings of water (a serving being a liquid 8oz) but there are other factors in the summer. The amount you sweat, your activity, and your weight also may affect your need for more – so making sure you at least hit the minimum water intake for the day is extremely important. The risks of dehydration and heat exhaustion are greater in the higher temperatures, so make sure there are ample amounts of water and cool spots for you to enjoy during the hotter days.

How Can I Get my Youngsters to Stay Hydrated?

Teaching your children about the importance of a well-watered diet is sometimes difficult. So how can you make water more fun for them, and for you too! Here are some ideas on what may just work!

  • Freeze Fresh Fruit for an Icy Summer Treat
    • Grapes, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries – all of these fruits are delicious to children, packed with vitamins, and ooze with naturally sweetened H2O. You can also add these to water and let them sit for 24 hours. This fruit water will be a welcome change to the plain old water you are trying to ingest so dutifully during hot days
  • Create Smoothie Pops
    • Use fresh fruit, yogurt, ice and a little honey to create a smoothie mixture to pour into ice cube trays. cut popsicle sticks in half, and place the stick, broken-side-down, into the smoothie mixture. Freeze until hardened. These little pops on the go are perfect!
  • Decorate Cheap Water Bottles as a Fun Craft
    • Chances are, making drinking water a fun activity will prompt children into enjoying the process. Go out and buy basic water bottles, some fun paints and glitter and markers, and let them go to town on their one-of-a-kind new water bottles! Have them chart their water amount consumed, and at the end of the week – whoever reaches goals on all days gets a surprise!

Teaching our younger generations on proper water consumption early will instill good practices with them as they get older. Have a fun summer and stay hydrated in style!

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