With Pinterest being so dang popular, it’s a daunting task sometimes to narrow down ideas when it comes to a wedding. From ceremony to the celebration – there are SO many details to consider. One thing that is trending currently on our Pinterest radar is circle installations. Why are people opting for these floral circles at their weddings? Well, let us show (and tell) you why we think they are such a hot commodity!

Circle Installation Wedding Trend - Cupa Cabana


Circle Installations and the Magic behind them.

First, we are in LOVE with the symbolism behind this trend. The meaning of a circle plays very heavily into the pledge of marriage. Consider the wedding ring. According to Sacred Wedding Vows, “The circle (always) had significance as a symbol of wholeness. Its endlessness is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity – no beginning, no end. It also represents the sun, earth, universe, holiness, perfection, and peace.” 

Therefore the ring, and now these installations, symbolize the beauty and meaning behind a full-circle of love. It is never ending!


circle installations
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Does it have to be a floral installation?

It certainly does… NOT. There are ways to incorporate other elements into a circle installation. Small lanterns, feathers, driftwood, wrought iron or other rustic metals are all fair game with a circle installation. Just remember, the more custom the installation, the more it will likely cost you to put together. If you don’t want to spend a large amount of money, there are other ways to incorporate the circle symbolism into your marriage.



circular ceremony
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Consider circular style seating for your ceremony. The audience then has a 360-degree view of your vows, and photo-wise, it may benefit some of the guest photography at your ceremony. It also allows more people to feel closer to your special moment. While this may be difficult in a church with installed seating, the circular seating arrangement works well with outdoor, natural ceremonies. Even better, you are literally surrounded by the ones you love most!


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