Cancer. A word all too familiar in households across the world. A crippling disease that not only tries to overtake the person it infects, but also the friends and families that feel its presence. In recent years, the fight against cancer has been a large topic of conversation. Society has banded together to create programs that benefit cancer research – from memorial foundations to cancer walks or runs, and other means of funding the research to eradicate this disease. This includes a foundation started by one brave boy who found himself face-to-face with the fight for his life.

Malcolm was diagnosed at age 10. He shares his brave and inspiring story – how he went from an active, avid soccer player to a frequent visitor of a hospital bed in a short matter of time. He is a fighter, however, and his story will absolutely inspire you.

Malcolm’s story is all too real – no one wants to see a child suffer and deal with something as serious as cancer at such a young stage in their life. It also opens the eyes to those who learn more about it and realize this ratio: 1 in 320. 1 in 320 children will be diagnosed with some form of childhood cancer. While heartbreaking, there is still hope and a push to help find a cure.

With the knowledge that less than 3% of federal cancer research dollars from the government is dedicated to pediatric cancer research – Malcolm created Make Some Noise, a non-profit created to build awareness and help fund childhood cancer research. Foundations like this are the lifeblood to kids cancer research, as well as cancer research across all ages and afflictions.

Malcolm learned how to walk without a hip. He continues to persevere through his therapies and is the epitome of strength and adversity in the face of his disease. To donate or learn more, visit Make Some Noise on the web.

Cupa Cabana is thrilled to be a part of the 7th annual Noise Night at the Park Savoy in Florham Park, NJ. Noise night includes live jazz, casino games and auctions – and what makes this one so special is it will be the last dinner auction as Malcolm heads to COLLEGE and Noise Night moves to NJPAC in 2017 to become a performance evening.

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