Do you smell that? Spring’s in the air. And you know what that means. Party Season is upon us. And what better way to keep you and your guests caffeinated through the busy season? Coffee Catering.
coffee catering
I know, I know. It’s a bit premature. Those first unseasonably warm days of winter are like chocolate cake to an unsupervised kid; too good to be true, but, alas, too little to keep the sugar high going for long. But they’re a necessary reminder that there will be more cake soon enough.

They’re also a notice of everything that comes rushing in on spring’s coattails: weddings, graduation parties, weddings, block parties, milestone birthday parties, and more weddings.

If you’re organizing any of the aforementioned, certainly, you don’t need to be reminded of its approach. But planning for something like that, even for the most Type A among us, can be overwhelming. Ten tasks become a hundred just as fast as a month becomes a week.

So think of the following simply as an elaborate (but personal) push notification to help your cause:

You know the coffee catering you started thinking about a couple months back? This is your future self, Brooke, telling you to book it now. Yes, it’s the dead of winter, I know. But you know who books a coffee caterer in April for a May wedding? Nobody. Nobody books anything in April, Brooke.

There are, I’m guessing, but not pulling this out of left field because I’m you, about 385 issues remaining to be resolved on your to-do list before your real-life dream sequence commences. Let’s face it, the silverware isn’t going to be figured out. Not today. Neither are Jennifer’s suggested alterations to her bridesmaid’s dress. Not until you cool off some more. But this coffee catering thing, as good as done after a short call.

Imagine your relief when you find out, why, yes, of course, your date’s available. And your savvy when you’re guided through a series of decisions about what you want, all of them sounding totally on-point. “That Brooke,” you can hear your guests saying to each other as they sip espressos and cappuccinos and catch their second wind, “she knows how to throw a party.” And most critically, your satisfaction, when you put your phone down and cross off “Look into coffee catering.”

Go you. Only 384 to go. (You’ll get there. I promise.)

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