You’re planning on hosting an event, either at your home or another location. You’ve called the catering company to discuss the main meal options. Have you considered hiring an espresso catering service to be a part of your event? If no, consider some of the reasons it may be beneficial to hire an espresso and coffee catering company for your party.

Espresso Catering Service

Photo Credit: Kilambé Coffee

Gain Time

Instead of dealing with the preparation and execution of espresso and coffee, let a team of baristas whip up a beverage. All those minutes saved will add up quickly! You can sit with your guests and be served while enjoying the party and the comforts of your home. Even better, you can finish your drink over a long conversation, with no stopping to brew, replenish ground coffee, clean up, etc.

Avoid Hassle

Speaking of cleaning up, having to wash pots of coffee, espresso cups, and machinery is the last thing someone wants to do. Especially when they’ve been hosting friends or family all day or evening. By hiring an espresso catering service, there is no clean-up to deal with. The equipment, product, and setup/breakdown are all handled by the baristas.


Provide Different Options for Your Guests to Try

Party goers will be surprised when they are offered the numerous options that an espresso catering service can provide. Hot drinks, cold drinks, smoothies (for the health conscious crowd) and other options are choices that your guests can consider. Other services, such as dessert options, may be available from the espresso catering service you hire. Cupa Cabana has a page which highlights the dessert options we offer. Our clients know that adding a dessert service is an option.

An Espresso Catering Service Gives You Time To Enjoy Your Guests!

Being able to participate in the fun and take a break from being an attentive host isn’t such a bad thing. You get to take a break from the scrubbing and prepping and brewing. You share laughter with friends and loved ones with the knowledge a delicious cup of espresso or coffee awaits you and your guests. Certainly, consider an espresso catering service at your next event.

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