Large-scale corporate meetings, trade shows, and business conferences all have one thing in common – everyone is looking for the first opportunity to take a break. These events are often full of lectures mandated by bosses and working lunches that feel like your day job metamorphosed into a Sandals resort run by Agent Smith from The Matrix.

You can sense the feeling of “are we there yet?” from 95% of people in the room. That other 5%…well they don’t drink coffee and can’t be trusted.

Companies dedicate huge amounts of time and money to develop hyper-in-depth presentations and lackluster swag to swoon over their business counterparts who have also spent far too much time and money developing their own hyper-in-depth presentations and lackluster swag.

What boring webs we weave. No one is going to wear that neon orange lanyard you gave them, Phil. Let it go.

For the sake of humanity and junk drawers, let’s change how these things are done.

Creating a Coffee Oasis to Generate Leads

There is one approach that could transform these events from stuffy formalities to an engaging lead generation asset. So, what is it?

Leave the formalities behind and introduce a coffee oasis into your company’s booth.
Being stocked with the enticing aromas of freshly brewed coffee and espresso drinks will lure over prospective clients like flies to honey. Since many of those people may be looking for a break from the daily grind, you will provide them with the perfect lounge area to kick back and relax.

This is an excellent forum to casually introduce your business services in a calm and non-abrasive way.

Did you know that someone is actually more prone to liking you if they are holding a cup of warm coffee? It’s true! Read about it our blog post here (

This means that you’re not only offering a cool and refreshing spot to hang out at, but you’re also making it more likely that your prospective clients will like you! And you know that the key to generate new business to first make a good impression and win someone over. Creating a coffee oasis is the perfect solution for trade shows and business conferences.
Try it at your next one and let us know how it goes!

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