Hey, all of you event planners out there, is your schedule getting booked out this Summer? There are tons of events taking place around the East Coast, and Cupa Cabana is proud to be a part of this fantastic event planning community. As the premier coffee catering company for both New Jersey and New York City, our crew is loving serving our signature iced coffee in the sun.

For now, it’s time to cover the basics behind planning a successful gathering. Let’s talk about the event planning process as well as what you should prioritize to keep your guests entertained and engaged.

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The Basics to Planning a Successful Event

Begin Planning Sooner Than Later

The Basics to Planning a Successful Event

One of the most important things to do when event planning is? Begin planning sooner than later. As we’ll cover later, staying flexible is essential, but what’s also crucial is covering all your bases before the event starts. You’ll need to cover budget expenses, guest lists, entertainment, event design, etc. Procrastinating as an event planner is one of the quickest ways to see your event fail to meet expectations.

So begin the event planning process as soon as you have all the necessary information. The sooner, the better!

Prioritize Food & Drinks

The Basics to Planning a Successful Event

Entertainment is important, but what’s even more crucial to satisfy your crowd? Food and drinks must be on point. As much as people love being served the same catering experience over and over again (sarcasm), it’s time to give your guests what they really want.

Prioritize food and drinks and bring in a catering service like no other. Cupa Cabana Espresso and Coffee Catering provides a unique experience that all event planners should look to include.

Remember your event decor should provide a unique experience, and your catering choice should match.

Stay Flexible

The Basics to Planning a Successful Event

With early planning complete and a specialized catering company scheduled, it’s time to look toward the future. Remember that even the most experienced event planners will encounter roadblocks along the way. The key is ensuring you’re prepared to take on even the most significant challenges. Stay flexible and constantly communicate with your clients, your surrounding team, and everyone else involved.

Pro tip: Organize a group text or use a service such as Slack to keep everyone in the loop. To plan a successful event, you and your team must remain flexible.

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