As we enter into the new year, all of us within the events industry are counting down the days until a sense of normalcy returns. With increased precautions taken towards events and larger sized gatherings, our small businesses have taken the necessary steps to survive these unprecedented times.

Even as the world feels as if it has been put on pause, there are a few things that never change—one of which being the Cupa Cabana promise.

Our team is proud to set the industry standard as the original coffee catering company. With top-quality products and services, a call to us means you’re just a conversation away from an unforgettable event.

When it comes down to it, there are a few things that set Cupa Cabana apart from the rest of the busy event planning and catering world. We always promise to provide everything you need so you can enjoy your event with your guests, and most importantly, stress-free.

The Cupa Cabana Promise
The Cupa Cabana Promise

The Power of Professionals

Not only do we guarantee to bring along our arsenal of catering supplies, our bars also come paired with professionally trained baristas. By bringing in the professionals, you truly notice a difference – and so will your guests!

Let us know if you’re in the mood to pair cinnamon latte art with your selected espresso bar! Or, maybe a nitro brew tab to give your guests a taste of the good life. Whatever you need, our baristas can handle it.

Custom Graphics

One of the best ways to create a remarkable event is by finding ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd. By teaming up with Cupa, we’ll create exclusive graphics on full display for everyone to see. Check out our illuminated lucite designer bar! It’s the perfect set-up for you and your brand’s logo.

Who wouldn’t want to be remembered as the company providing top quality coffee for the crowd to enjoy? Our testimonials speak for themselves!

The Cupa Cabana promise is all about top-quality service paired with the best possible products. Whether you’re looking to top-off your corporate event or an upcoming wedding, we’re always here to help.

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