As summer finishes up and hoodie season comes into full effect, our taste buds are ready to transition. Even though many java lovers swear by iced-coffee year-round, Fall is the time to switch things up. The onslaught of everything pumpkin spice is upon us, and we’re just as excited as ever.

For followers of the Cupa Cabana Instagram, you’ve been eyeing down our mouthwatering summer specialties for months. But, our menu of fruit smoothies and iced cold frappes is about to take a turn with the seasons! Leave that summer humidity behind and spruce up your next event with specialty catering for the Fall season.

Warm-up that chocolate

Even without our best-friend caffeine, one of the most popular moves for fall specialty catering is always hot chocolate. If you are planning out a corporate event or even an autumn wedding, treat guests with a cup of sweetness! Our menu comes complete with the option of whipped cream and a variety of spices to create the ultimate event catering experience.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying to replace espresso completely. We all know just how crucial it is to keep the party buzzing. As we say, the more options, the better and as you know, Cupa Cabana gives guests the ultimate selection.

Transition into Fall with Specialty Catering

Pass the Cider

Transition into Fall with Specialty CateringNot in the mood for sipping on dessert? We’ve got you covered. Fresh hot cider is the go-to for Fall specialty catering, and it shouldn’t surprise you why! The taste of smooth and steamy cider sets the mood. Guests won’t be dreading the cold weather for very long; they’ll begin embracing it. With a hot cup in hand, we encourage your guests to take on the new season.

Let’s add the finishing touches. Accompanying hot cider with a cinnamon stick completes this seasonal specialty and leaves your guests falling in love with the new weather.

Fall Fruits!

As much as we’d like it to be, the Cupa Cabana fall catering specialty menu isn’t just for dessert. This time of the year calls for something a little more crunchy. Raspberries are out and Apples are in! Don’t hesitate to break out that caramel or peanut butter (which is obviously great all year long) and give your guests a snack to remember!

Check out our setup of Fall fruits and get in the mood for a fresh start to the season.

Transition into Fall with Specialty Catering


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