If Cupa Cabana knows anything, we know how to make an Epic Espresso. Our espresso drinks are part of our recipe great coffee catering for events. Anyone can make an espresso, but not just anyone makes an epic espresso.

Epic Espresso

Cupa Cabana’s Guide to an Epic Espresso

1. Clean, Clean, Clean: Before trying to make your espresso make sure you clean your portafilter. The combination of moisture or leftover grounds will leave your beverage taste over-extracted and bitter.

2. Exact Measurements: When grinding your gourmet coffee beans, make sure you use the proper amount. This way, you are sure that your extraction is correct, and the proper dosage is dispensed.

3. Tamp: Tamp the grounds and pack the level. The proper tamp method is to hold your elbow at 90 degrees, rest your portafilter on a level surface and apply equal pressure until the coffee is level.

4. Brew: Place the portafiter back in the machine and get your timer ready. The key to an epic espresso is timing. Depending on your machine and the tamp the deal brewing time is 20-30 seconds.

The basics are simple, but great coffee for events is an art. Cupa Cabana is the original coffee catering company, and we know how you provide an event experience that is to be forever remembered — and it all starts with great coffee.

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