True coffee lovers never take a day off from enjoying a cup of joe; why should Valentine’s Day be any different? As much as some of us like to pretend jewelry is the perfect gift, most times it’s best to speak in your partner’s love language. If that language is a coffee obsession, we have a few perfect ideas for where you should start shopping.

No, we aren’t talking about grabbing your significant other a frappuccino and calling it a day. When you look for a coffee-centric Valentine’s Day gift, keep in mind just how many different coffee products are spread all over the web. If you need a place to start, check out our list to gather some inspiration. Once you find your perfect gift, you can genuinely espresso just how much you love each other!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Latte Art Stencils

Let’s start off with an idea for the more artistic coffee connoisseurs out there. If you’ve ever scrolled down the feed of #coffeelovers on Instagram, you likely noticed the flood of latte art pictures. Don’t be too late to the party!

With latte art stencils, all you need is a bit of cinnamon to give your coffee lover a taste of the good life. Just don’t forget to take a picture first!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Gifting a French Press

Most coffee drinkers can agree a french press is one cup you can’t miss. It’s about time to surprise your loved one with a french press set-up of their very own!

Make sure you begin by checking out Amazon to browse the wide selection of gear for a french press. Tons combine functionality with style, such as the rose gold french press by Honey & Roses Co. and the popular all-in-one Bodum french press coffee maker.

It’s hard to top a brand new french press kit with a ribbon on top!

Coffee Subscription Boxes

The gift that just keeps giving! Gifting a coffee subscription box is the perfect way to say “I love you” & “I know exactly what you want.” Take a look at last week’s article on the ideal coffee subscription box by BeanBox, which includes over 16 different coffee blends from around the world.

Or, opt for a monthly subscription so your fellow coffee lover can feel the excitement of new flavors, month after month.

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