Calling all coffee lovers! If you’re a true caffeine aficionado, you know just how much coffee quality can vary from country to country. Here at Cupa Cabana, we are always proud to source our beans from different farms worldwide, perfecting the taste of gourmet coffee with each pour.

For those who aren’t in tune with the world of coffee, it might feel intimidating trying to grasp the wide variety of coffee beans out there. As we’ve discussed in past articles, different climates result in different tastes & flavors of coffee. If you think the end-all-be-all to your morning fuel is the local Dunkin’ Doughnuts blend, it’s time to expand your palette.

So, where do you begin? Aside from giving us a call and trying our gourmet blend from around the world, coffee subscription boxes are a great place to start. Today we are excited to introduce to you an ideal one-size-fits-all box to begin your adventure. The World Coffee Tour Box presented by BeanBox has something for everyone!

World Coffee Tour Box by BeanBox

A perfect sampling of coffee beans from around the world, the World Coffee Tour Box comes packed with 16 gourmet coffee samples. Dive into the flavors of “chocolaty Latin American coffees, fruit-forward African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends, and everything in between.” Once you begin tasting the different blends, you may be surprised just how dramatic of a difference there is between beans.

You’re on your way to becoming a coffee pro! BeanBox provides an excellent way to open your taste buds to non-conventional blends that you may never find otherwise. With each World Coffee Tour Box coming with 1.8 pounds of variety, you have plenty of choices to make.


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