Have you ever wondered why coffee from Cupa Cabana coffee catering tastes THAT much better than your neighborhood Dunkin? You shouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s about the quality of the bean and so much more. As a chef would say, “a passion for cooking starts with respect for the ingredients.”

When you order an iced coffee from a chain café or lower end coffee caterers, you never know what you’re going to get. One day it may be the perfect pour; the next, it’s burnt and watered down. There’s only one way to prevent faulty froth, and it’s not as simple as you think!

What Sets Cupa Cabana Apart for the Rest?

Knowledgeable Bartisas

Take a trip to one of Cupa Cabana’s coffee bars; you’ll notice everything about our coffee bar experience is a step-up from the typical shop. What makes our coffee so special comes down a saying you may be familiar with – quality over quantity. With experienced baristas hand brewing each cup, you can taste nothing is rushed.

There’s a reason why grab and go coffee shops are often considered fast food. Our brewing process takes time and effort, something many other amateur baristas lack.

What Sets Cupa Cabana Apart for the Rest?

Proprietary Power

Alright, let’s get down to it. Do you want to know one of the most important secrets behind the Cupa magic? It comes down to the beans. We source our proprietary blend from different global vendors that provide the highest standard of coffee.

You can’t take short cuts in the coffee industry. Knowing where, when, and how to find the perfect brew takes years of experience that other companies lack. We back our epic espressos with a blend of coffee beans that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Latte Art

The #CupaExperience

What Sets Cupa Cabana Apart for the Rest?We’ve covered how our proud baristas & proprietary blend sets us apart, but these are just two of many reasons. Want to find out more ways we set ourselves apart from the competition? You’re going to have to grab a cup of our famous joe and find out for yourself.

We’re happy to invite you to enjoy what we consider the Cupa Experience, a unique pairing of incredible coffee & 5-star service.

Contact us today to find out more about Cupa Cabana coffee catering!

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