In this digital age, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches dominate. It happens with everything from copied-and-pasted mass emails to impersonal chatbots.

In contrast, when you succeed in making your clients feel valued and special, you will have differentiated yourself from the rest of the pack. And that’s a worthwhile goal!

We’ve mentioned employee appreciation events before, but what about a VIP client appreciation experience?

Notice we used the word “experience.” It’s more than just an event. It’s an exclusive gathering where your top clients can walk away feeling like they were just treated to something extraordinary.

Here are five ideas for planning a standout VIP event.

Stand Out from the Crowd by Hosting a VIP Client Experience

Invite only your best clients.

Limiting your guest list ensures a feeling of exclusivity while also keeping your headcount manageable.

Schedule a breakfast meeting.

Setting an early morning time allows your corporate clientele to attend without disrupting their work schedule too much.

 Create a luxe atmosphere.

With a breakfast theme, you can have some fun and present delicious options like bite-size breakfast quiches, fresh fruit, gourmet donuts, and, of course, a mobile espresso bar. Specialty offerings like our delicious lattes elevate the event and lend an air of luxury your guests will remember.

Book an informative and inspiring speaker.

If your customers are limited to a single industry, you can choose a speaker who specializes in that area to give a brief talk.

For example, if all your clients are in finance, find an up-and-coming speaker with cutting-edge financial knowledge to share. Another option is to identify one of your customers’ customers with an impactful story to share. You’d be amazed at the insights your clients can uncover from hearing a different perspective.

When your customers span different industries, a speaker who ignites a fresh approach to work and life, in general, would fit the bill. Almost everyone can use motivation for new ways to set and achieve goals or start new habits.

Provide a simple giveaway that provides value.

Giveaways don’t have to be big and fancy. You could gift attendees with a book, either authored by the speaker or on a topic relevant to the talk. Or you could share a PDF that was created by your company or sourced from an authority, with informative content based on the talk. This token allows their learning to continue and serves as a reminder of the unique experience you gave them.

A VIP client appreciation event sends an important message to those who choose to do business with you. It tells them that you value them and want to share a unique experience with them. And there’s no better way to stand out in the crowd than that.

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