As one of the few things that connect cultures worldwide, the prized coffee bean can’t be overlooked. Other than starting off your morning with a hot cup of espresso, each cup of coffee comes with a story. Whether that is where it was sourced, how it was processed, or eventually brewed, keeping up with all things coffee can take you on a wild ride. Those of you who are ready to dive into a few coffee facts, get ready to be surprised. Each bean deserves a spotlight of their very own!

We’ve recently begun highlighting coffee facts to keep our audience up on all the different properties your morning kick-start includes. Aside from the vast number of beneficial properties, there is so much more to cover in each cup!

Take a look below to learn about three coffee facts that surprised our team and readers across the web.

Hawaii is the only USA state producing coffee

Although many of us tend to think America is the central hub for everything, the growth of coffee disagrees. As most beans need the optimal climate for growth, the US’s temperate climate doesn’t deliver.

Coffee beans are grown best in high altitudes, with rich, tropical soil. So, where can we find these growing conditions in America? Certainly not on the mainland. Hawaii is the only state capable of producing the rich conditions needed to grow our favorite bean.

Learn About 3 Surprising Coffee Facts

A goat herder first founded coffee

When you think of the discovery of coffee, where does your mind wander? Maybe a corporation looking for a more natural product to create some buzz? Well, coffee was actually discovered in a more traditional matter.

Way back in the 1500s, an Ethiopian goat herder was said to discover coffee after noticing his goats eating coffee cherries. After seeing the goat’s behavior change (mostly an inability to sleep at night), the goat herder shared his discovery with the locals. After learning how to produce a drink from the coffee beans, the rest is history.

Learn About 3 Surprising Coffee Facts

Coffee is actually a fruit

Did you know coffee is actually considered a fruit? In its most natural form, coffee is grown from a bush. These bushes produce fruit that comes in two different colors, red and green. Each bean produces a unique flavor that we’ve all come to know and love.

For more on the different coffee beans types from around the globe, give our featured article a look by clicking here.

Learn About 3 Surprising Coffee Facts

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