Hiring an event planner isn’t necessarily hard; finding the right one is the tricky part. With so many different planners to choose from, narrowing down your selection can get tiresome.

If you’re getting close to just hiring the next planner you find available, take a second to breathe. Rushing the process is one of the quickest ways to find yourself lost without a plan on your big day!

To simplify things for those on the event planner hunt, let’s boil down what to look for in three “R’s.” This may sound similar to our “5 crucial C’s” of event planning, but the hiring stage is a whole separate process you need to stay on top of.

Although there is still a lot more work to be done after finding your party committee, let’s start with these “Rs” for the preliminary rounds.


In the event industry, reputation is everything. As a 5-star reviewed small business, our team here at Cupa Cabana knows firsthand just how important maintaining a great relationship with past and present clients is. If you wouldn’t hire a coffee catering company with less than stellar reviews, why do you do the same for your event planner?

Make sure you check in with references to be certain past events are up to your standards. Past clients and reviews are a great place to start your search. Why stop there? Check out the event planner’s social media as well as their website to ensure professional quality.

A little research into reputation goes a long way!


Not just anyone will understand the direction of our event. To keep everything in line with your vision, make sure you can build rapport with your event planner. The less communication you establish, the less likely your event will be able to fulfill your goals for the day.


Last but certainly not least, keep track of your planner’s ability to be responsive and prompt. You’d be surprised by how many “industry professionals” cannot keep everyone on the same page and updated with event happenings.

Useful event planners are always ready to talk and take in feedback. As the event date approaches quickly, responsiveness is always crucial for a successful day.

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