It seems like nowadays, there’s an app for everything. It could be getting food delivered or having the latest fashion trend sent your way; the app store is never short on things to download. But as convenient as these apps are, they’re missing something that so many event planners and attendees desire – a personal touch. Convenience is always lovely to have, but aside from the overpriced delivery fees, at what cost does it come? 

Ensuring that your guest is satisfied often requires much more than a one size fits all option. DoorDash may do the trick for a late-night meal, but you’ll need to go one step further when it comes to making sure your event is a great success. With that being said, let’s look into the different ways you can add a personal flair to your next event!

Add a “Personal Touch” with Coffee Catering 

How to Add a "Personal Touch" to Your Next EventCatering companies around the United States are back in business and ready to readjust to the familiar landscape surrounding events in 2022. A few years ago, Cupa Cabana was one of the many catering services forced to adapt to the pandemic’s many changes. Our contactless ordering platform was a hit for the time being, but now we’re back to doing what we do best.

The Cupa Cabana promise is all about providing your guests with a memorable and most importantly, personalized catering experience. So what are just a few ways Cupa Cabana adds a personal touch to your event?

  1. Custom graphics for weddings/anniversaries
  2. Custom menu options to fit your theme
  3. Add-ons unlike any other catering service
  4. Custom designs for corporate gatherings
  5. Latte art with your company logo

And more! 

How to Add a "Personal Touch" to Your Next Event

Adding a personal touch to your event has never been easier than when you work with Cupa Cabana. We credit our 5-star service everyone knows and loves to our over 25 years of experience. Rest assured, we know exactly what it takes to make sure your big day is personalized and never forgotten.

Click here to request a quote today, and please make sure you reach out with any questions you may have! We’re always here to help take your event to the next level.

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