After being cooped up inside for so long, we’re all equally excited to get back on the dance-floor, celebrating amongst our loved ones. It’s taken some time for the event industry to bounce back, but as it does, we’re here to help you prepare for your long-awaited special day.

Throughout the vast archive of our coffee blog, read up on articles ranging from the ideal wedding venue, the perfect event date, and much more to help all you event planners out there. Today we’re focusing on the more fun side of planning, the wedding entertainment.

We can all agree planning out a wedding is stressful. It takes time and effort to pinpoint precisely everything that you need. When it comes to wedding entertainment, we have five ideas to help get the party started.

Mobile Photo Booth

Photography booths at weddings have been around for quite some time. It’s time to spice up your photo-op with a mobile kiosk that sports some character!

Photography vans are a great way to keep your guests engaged while providing an aesthetic factor that is hard to beat.

Bring in the Animals

Have you ever considered a petting zoo at your wedding? Why not! Recent trends have shown that plenty of brides and grooms are excited to share their special day with an animal (or two) of choice. Partying with your bridesmaids and a pet llama has never sounded more fun.

Petting zoos are a great option since they often already have event packages available and, most importantly, they will also keep the kids busy. You know how much of a challenge that can be!

Champagne Celebrations

Of course, champagne will be poured throughout your long day of celebrations. But, sometimes, the typical champagne glass just doesn’t cut it. After reaching out to a variety of different wedding venues, we’ve learned that guests tend to consumer champagne in a variety of ways.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the classic “beer pong,” now it’s time to get classy. Gather up your team and break out the champagne pong. That final shot is a memory that won’t be forgotten!

5 Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

Mobile Espresso Bar

One of the most popular ways to keep your guests satisfied throughout a full day of wedding cheers is with a mobile espresso bar. The Cupa Cabana team is always happy to get involved and provide an experience that guests rave about, year after year.

Keep the crowd buzzing! With a branded mobile coffee bar, you create an atmosphere that many brides dream of.

5 Ideas for Wedding Entertainment - Mobile Espresso Bar

Games for the Wedding Tables

We’ve all heard of the typically toast to the bride and groom. By supplying different games for the wedding table such as, “tell your most embarrassing story with he groom,” or “your favorite memory from college with the bride,” you will be sure to keep the day lively and exciting.

Just don’t let your groomsmen get carried away!

5 Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

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