Choosing the perfect event date can be more challenging than one may think. With all the different logistics that go into event planning, the first boxes you need to check is where and when your get-together is going to occur. If you’re stuck on the where before the when, make sure you dig into our list of dream venues. Once you pick a spot, it’s time to start some serious planning! This all begins with choosing the ideal event day, and we’re here to help.

No, we’re not just talking about whether you should plan for a Monday or Tuesday. When selecting a date, you need to account for a couple of things that often slip the minds of novice event planners.

Ready to step up your event planning skills? Read on to learn all about what the perfect event date should be, and why.

How to Pick the Perfect Event Date

Choosing the Perfect Event Date

As we’ve previously discussed, at the core of an event is your goals and objectives. It could be as simple as gathering friends together for drinks or a formal corporate event; either way, always keep your end-goals in mind. With that being said, the perfect event date should fall in line with these goals, which means there are a few things to account for.

Depending on your specific event, here are three factors to consider when choosing a date; the season, holidays, and “prime days” of the week.

How to Pick the Perfect Event Date

Seasons, Holidays & “Prime Days”

Starting off with the season, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you should align your event with the optimal conditions. Are you planning a pool party? Obviously, look towards the heart of summer for your date. But, planning around the seasons isn’t just about the weather. Consider things such as the school calendar and sports schedules. Make sure to avoid conflicting dates that most people already plan for!

Next, let’s talk about the holidays. With both religious and public holidays coming into play, count these days as ones to avoid. As most people have already planned out their Christmas or Spring breaks, event planning during these times can be a real hassle.

To top it off, we insist that you keep in mind the day of the week. Event planners consider different “prime days” for various events. Business-related events typically succeed most on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays, while weekends are most popular for events targeted at consumers.

Now that you’re heading in the right direction for picking the perfect event day, it’s time to give Cupa Cubana a ring so we can handle the rest for you!

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