Have you ever tried Café Cubano, also known as Cuban coffee?

If not, you’ll want to fix that situation in a hurry. Its trademark bold, sweet taste makes it one the most delicious coffee drinks you’ll ever enjoy.  And there’s no better time to do it than during National Hispanic Month, which happens each year from September 15th through October 15th.

Why the unconventional mid-month dates? Well, several Latin American countries celebrate their independence during this timeframe. On September 15th, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica salute their independence. Belize, Chile, and Mexico follow with their own observance on October 13th. So you can see why it made sense to have National Hispanic Month span those two dates.

Celebrate National Hispanic Month with Cuban Coffee

Ready for some Cuban coffee? Let’s cover the decadent espresso drink nicknamed “cafecito.”

To craft this treat yourself, start with some Cuban espresso. Well-known brands like Café Bustelo or Pilon will work perfectly.

Begin brewing the espresso as usual, and then add sugar to a glass measuring cup. One tablespoon of sugar per two demitasse cups of espresso delivers the signature sweet taste.

Once some espresso has made it into the carafe, pour a small amount of the fresh coffee into the same glass cup and then return the pot to the stove to continue brewing. Briskly mix the bit of espresso with the sugar until it’s dissolved and frothy. The resulting foam is called “espuma.” You’ve just created one of the characteristic elements of a true Café Cubano.

Breathe in that espresso aroma. You’re in the home stretch now!

Pour the fully brewed coffee into the glass cup, and gently stir to swirl the sugary foam into the coffee.  Carefully spoon some of the pillowy espuma into two demitasse cups. Now slowly pour the espresso into each cup without disturbing the frothy goodness.

At last, you can take a sip of your fresh, homemade cafecito. You’re welcome.

And remember to raise your cup and toast National Hispanic Month and all of the remarkable (and delicious) contributions made by our Latin American friends. We owe them big for this one.

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