If you’re a true coffee lover, it comes as no surprise how versatile coffee beans are. Some may even say this little magic bean carries more positive properties than almost any other product out there.

Coffee beans may come in small sizes, but they pack a punch full of various uses in everyday life. One of the most common being for skincare uses, today let’s dive into a few different ways to use coffee beans without a need for the pot.

Take a look and see all the different ways you can bring your coffee beans into day-to-day tasks. You may be surprised by all its other uses! But, don’t stop here—Click here to read about the different ways coffee can be used to keep your mental health in check.

A Few Other Ways to Use Coffee Beans

In the Garden

Have you ever taken your cup of coffee out to the garden for a quick sip? Well, there’s no need to stop at just bringing coffee out for a drink. Coffee beans possess well-known properties as a soil fixer or additive.

Particularly useful with berry bushes such as raspberries and blackberries, sprinkling some coffee grounds around the base of a bush is a sure way to keep your plant fruiting as much as possible.

Clean it Up

If you’ve ended up looking down at your white shirt inevitably covered in coffee stains, you’re not alone. But, just like the well-known drink using white wine to get out red wine stains, coffee can do just the same.

Mix in some coffee ground when cleaning up a stain and watch the abrasive texture go to work.

Keep Away Unwanted Guests

As inviting a cup of coffee is for all of us, it isn’t exactly favored by bugs and animals of different sorts. Coffee beans are a great, non-toxic way to keep unwanted guests off furniture or away for the garden.

Are you having ant problems? Believe it or not, a sprinkle of coffee beans will indeed send them packing and looking for a new place to set up their hill.

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