It’s no secret that the devil lies within the details when it comes to a successful event. Providing guests with the same old experience over & over again is the quickest way to turn away your loyal attendees. Some may think it’s easy enough to scheduale a D.J., play “Sweet Coraline,” and call it a day, but that’s no longer the case. With so many options & add-ons to include at your corporate gathering or wedding, there’s seemingly no end to how you can elevate your event. 

To eliminate the stress of scrolling through hundreds of Google pages looking for the perfect party pairing, we have your answer for the ideal way to transform your otherwise ordinary day. Gourmet espresso and coffee catering options have made bringing the buzz to guests more effortless than ever before. 

You may be thinking, “Coffee catering? Is that like Dunkin’ Donuts in a box?” Nope, it’s so much more. Mobile espresso bars come loaded with everything from syrups and cinnamon latte art to professionally trained baristas with globally sourced coffee

Now, that may sound like a lot at first. Take a deep breath and read on as we cover three significant ways bringing in a coffee catering company can transform your event.

3 Ways Coffee Catering Can Transform Your Event
Coffee Catering by Cupa Cabana

Memorable Experience

The Basics to Planning a Successful Event

Making your event stand out from the crowd is always at the forefront of an event planner’s agenda. Here at Cupa Cabana, clients rave about how our mobile coffee bars provide fuel to keep the party going and making the event as memorable as possible.

After spending so much time planning out your event, the last thing you want is to be forgotten the next day. Our gourmet coffee bars make memories for years to come.

Hassle-Free for the Host

What's the Buzz about "Proffee?"

We all prioritize the satisfaction of guests, but sometimes the host needs a break too. Full-service coffee catering comes stocked with everything required for a full day of action. 

Don’t worry about the little stuff when you can enjoy your event with everybody else! Cupa Cabana’s mobile espresso bar service has you covered on all cylinders.

Branding Opportunities

When you reach out to our coffee catering team and request a quote for your big day, be sure to ask about our customizable coffee bars. We’ll print up your logo and have it on full display, so everybody knows who’s responsible for taking the event to the next level.

Whether it’s a picture of you and your significant other, or a Fortune 500 company logo, Cupa Cabana’s coffee bars will display it front and center, making you the star of the show.

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