Time to get a little fancier with our coffee selections! Some may opt for a morning espresso, or maybe a cup from the classic coffee pot. Either way, there’s no better way to get your day kicked off than with a piping hot cup of joe. But, what if we told you you could switch up your coffee routine? Enter the French press!

The French press remains a popular option for coffee lovers, and there’s no secret why. Perfect for social settings and those touting their coffee knowledge, it seems as it may be too good to be true. Join us as we do the dirty work and look into both the French press’s positives and negatives.

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Pros vs. Cons: French Press Coffee


The most significant positive to a French press is the general ease of both use and cleaning. As the equipment consists of mostly glass, when need be, pop it in the dishwasher and let the cleaning get to work. Other coffee equipment can be a little more tricky to get going, such as an elaborate espresso machine.

Another pro of the French press is ensuring a consistent taste, time after time, without much-needed experience. Thinking your batch is a little too weak? Simply lift the press and let it brew until you’ve reached the optimum taste.


Although using a French press is relatively simple, the main drag is how long it takes a cup of coffee to get ready. Early in the morning, when you rush to get to work, the last thing you need to hold you back is a slow coffee brew. Most bosses won’t buy the whole, “sorry, I’m late to the meeting, had to get the French press brewing,” and we don’t suggest you find out.

We also have to mention the chances that you over-extract your coffee throughout the process. Yes, you can use the plunger to increase the strength, but it doesn’t go both ways. By letting the brew over-extract, the taste of the coffee ends up incredibly bitter. Easy to make, but you need to ensure you stand by and ensure nothing is left to over-brew.

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