Australia. The land of kangaroos, vegemite, and the Great Barrier Reef. Well, don’t forget the coffee. Interestingly enough, the Australian take on coffee is much different from that in the USA. While we Americans usually find ourselves on an early morning, weary-eyed hunt for a cup of coffee to fuel our day, Australia coffee culture consists of a much more laid back approach.

Photo Credit: ID Population Experts
Photo Credit: ID Population Experts

Australian Coffee Culture is all about Sharing

Most coffee shops in NYC are filled with patrons, Wi-Fi engaged and focused on their computer screens. Gone are the days of sitting with a friend or even a stranger – and discussing life’s complexities over a cup of coffee. It seems that we lean on coffee as a necessity, a way to survive our day. On the other hand, Australians have embraced the coffee shop culture, and the patrons it is meant to attract. It is not uncommon for surfers to include coffee as part of their surfing lifestyle – a cafe on the coast is an excellent way to put some pep in their paddle.

Australia Coffee Culture has Italian Roots

Post WWII, a large amount of Europeans moved to Australia to rebuild a new life. They brought their customs and cultural aspects to the coastal towns (where most of Australia’s population is located) – which included food and drink. Italian’s introduced Australia to espresso, and years later when Australia hosted the Olympics – the country saw a boom of activity in their business, including the Australian cafes. This surge of activity and increase in the cities’ population was fueled by the cafe culture – where people would meet to discuss new business and happenings in their booming city.

So is there a special coffee or espresso drink in Australia? Yes! A Flat White. A little interesting information about it?

Cupa Cabana - Australia Coffee Culture feature
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