Coffee with a bean comes from Africa. There are two native species “—Coffea arabica and C. canephora, or C. robusta—are now grown in nearly every tropical region.” – Smithsonian Magazine. Coffee consumption is up all around the globe. Here are some fun facts about how much coffee is produced, as well as the various coffee profiles from each region.

Coffee Profiles from Around the World


“Arabica production is forecast to jump 7.8 million bags to a record 43.9 million as yields improve.” (USDA) Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of coffee in the world. They process the bean in 3 different ways: dry, washed, and natural. The flavor profile of coffee from Brazil is cherry and chocolate, soft, nutty, and sometimes used as a base for other coffees or blends.


The coffee production for this region is “forecast to decline 2.0 million bags to 27.3 million as high temperatures combined with increasingly dry conditions between January and April 2016 will weaken yields.”(USDA) Vietnam is also a leader in crop production, as Vietnamese coffee is exported to create non-craft, commercial western coffee blends.

Central America & Mexico

“(They) account for over 15 percent of the world’s Arabica production, and coffee rust continues to hamper output for most of these countries. The region’s production forecasts adding 400,000 bags to reach a total of 15.9 million.”(USDA) Coffee rust is a leaf disease that hampers coffee crops and has afflicted this area heavily. The flavor profile is bright, clean, and nutty with very high acidity and single-estate beans. This means you have the true, hard-flavor profile and fewer blends exist in this region


“The US imports the second-largest amount of coffee beans and is forecast nearly unchanged at 24.6 million bags”(USDA) The United States does craft roasting. We are the top importer of beans AND we roast those beans to meet the needs of our palette. Hawaii is the only region in the United States where coffee can be cultivated, and the result of this bean is flowery and fruity.

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Coffee is one of the most versatile of any known drink in the world. The preference of bean and preparation depend on an individual’s taste buds and choice region. Try a new blend every day. I bet it would take over a year before you repeated the same combination. Experiment and discover the best coffee profiles for your palette.

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