Cupa Cabana 2016 Fall Menu

Are you ready for something sweet and indulgent? Or light and refreshing? The 2016 Fall Menu from Cupa Cabana is heating up while the weather is cooling down… and we want to share the deliciousness with you!

2016 Fall Menu Features

What’s brewin’ at Cupa HQ? We thought you’d never ask. This year’s fall frappe flavors celebrate the tastes of fire-roasted s’mores & cinnamon and sugar-dusted churros. Oh, also German Chocolate decadence and the light, sweet taste of Green Tea Matcha all blend into a delicious beverage ready for enjoyment.


The sweet and light taste of cinnamon and sugar is blended into a delicious frappe, topped with whipped cream, with a touch of cinnamon dusting and a cinnamon sugar rim.

Cupa Cabana Fall Menu - Cinnamon Churro Frappe


The decadent richness of chocolate mixed with the delightful taste of coconut. If you could cram a dessert into a drink – this would be your first choice!


Refreshing green tea meets the mellow sweet warmth of matcha. Blended into a smooth, delicious frappe with a touch of whipped cream and a green sugar rim.

green-tea frappe Cupa Cabana


A warm, toasted tasting frappe with a hint of a fall campfire. A graham cracker rim, sweet drizzled chocolate and the taste of a childhood favorite snack!

We think that fall is about enjoying rich and sweet flavors while celebrating the feels and activities of chillier air and falling leaves. That was what inspired us to introduce the Fireside S’more Frappe. For those of you not ready to say goodbye to summer, you can sip on the Green Tea Matcha Frappe. Chocolate lovers across all seasons will likely dive right into the German Chocolate Cake Frappe. We hope that our patrons rejoice in our frappe choices for the 2016 Fall Menu, and decide they’d like to offer our fall menu for their upcoming gathering!

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