Phew, summer 2021 was one of a kind. The weather was more unpredictable than ever, and even an iced coffee wasn’t enough to cool things down on a scorching afternoon. As much as we’re all going to miss sitting by the beach or the pool, let’s agree that autumn is a welcomed change.

Our coffee blog has been pretty fall-centric the past few weeks; why stop now? We dove into fall specialty coffee recipes and even some back-to-school gifts for all of your hardworking teachers out there. So let’s take on another fall topic, but this time about something a little closer to home – wedding trends!

Cupa Cabana is the original espresso and coffee catering company specializing in wedding catering across the east coast. Our skilled team of baristas has been gearing up for the influx of fall weddings, and we can’t wait! But before anything else, it’s time to take on a look into seasonal wedding trends.

What will be the most significant fall trend this year? More outdoor weddings? Orange groomsman suits? Give us a shout on Instagram and tell us your feelings about the upcoming season!

Outdoor Weddings

Autumn Weddings Trends in 2021

The increased popularity of outdoor weddings is nothing new to wedding planners. After a long 2020 of being locked inside, outdoor weddings are certainly a breath of fresh air. With the expectation of a temperate autumn season, there may be no better time to hold an outdoor wedding.

Sure, summer weddings are often a bride and groom favorite, but being cooped up in a suit under 90-degree weather? No, thanks. A crisp 70-degrees sounds like a much better idea!

Fall Color Palettes

Autumn Weddings Trends in 2021

Burgundy reds, rich emerald greens, and charming ambers are all trending autumn wedding colors for 2021. Opting to go with subtle colors is no longer the move. Instead, think bright, bold, and beautiful!

Espresso Catering

Autumn Weddings Trends in 2021 - Espresso Catering from Cupa Cabana
Mobile Espresso Catering from Cupa Cabana

Catering your wedding with a mobile espresso bar has remained one of the most popular wedding trends in past years. Coffee bars come loaded with everything from nitro brew options to cappuccinos and even apple ciders – perfect for fall!

Don’t let your guests miss out not the fun of partying into the late night with the help of premium coffee catering from Cupa Cabana.

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