The great debate continues, which form of coffee are you rolling with, espresso or cold brew? Regardless of what side you are on, we’re sure you have a few reasons why it’s your favorite. It could be the amount of caffeine or based solely on taste; either way, these two brews stir up differing opinions.

For today’s featured coffee blog post, let’s cover the major differences between espresso and cold brew in terms of caffeine. Don’t worry coffee lovers; we’re not here to sway anyone’s thoughts or feelings. In our next couple of articles, we’re breaking down a few facts that are often misconstrued when it comes to these two popular drinks.

Main Differences Between Espresso and Cold Brew: Caffeine
Main Differences Between Espresso and Cold Brew: Caffeine

Amount of Caffeine in Espresso vs. Cold Brew

The amount of caffeine in your cup is often the main reason why people opt for alternates to traditional coffee. Have you ever heard that espresso contains the most caffeine out of all drinks? Well, that’s not entirely correct!

Depending on the roast and brewing process, we have seen similar caffeine results across the board. But, for the sake of conversation, join us as we dive into the numbers.

According to the team over at Montville Coffee, the total mg in both rounds out to about the same. Espresso shots typically range from 50-100mg of caffeine, while cold brew comes in right around there as well. In a 50 ml glass of cold brew, caffeine contents average approximately 85 mg.

But, why?

The reasons both of these drinks contain similar amounts of caffeine lies all in the science behind the brewing processes. With cold brew taking around 15-24 hours to complete a full brew, this longer cycle substantially increases caffeine consumption.

When it comes to espresso, the reasoning behind its caffeine constraints is a bit more complex. Due to espresso’s more delicate ground, higher brewing pressure and higher coffee to water ratio, caffeine levels are increased.

With both options bringing in the same amount of buzz, what else is there to base your decision on? Join us next week to find out!

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