This is my Coffee Confession. It is the grounds of my life.

Coffee Confession

When I awoke this morning, the first thing I reached for was my coffee cup. I know I never start my day without it. I have my preferences, as some do for wine or craft beer. When I choose the bean that will wake me each morning, I do it with care and a precise caution. I prefer my drink not to be smoky and very earthy. My go-to, comfort, never-go-wrong, is a single origin coffee from the Pacific. A single origin coffee can be described in many ways depending on whom you are speaking to. As explained from Coffee Geek, “It is, simply put, one type of bean from one area of one farm (sometimes called a micro-lot) roasted one way.” So maybe I am a purist at heart.


Out the door, after my single origin coffee sets the pace for the day, on to my favorite cafe to meet someone for business. My shop is local, and they roast their beans. They cultivate their nut milks, and have unique pouring processes. I go there to think, to be inspired, and to meet clients. They have an atmosphere I love. Their brew is always delicious. I am not seeking my single roast because I already fulfilled that need. I am here at a place that creates coffee as an art. Every aspect of their lives is poured into the coffee. My moment is made when I order a cup that is a French press with fresh almond milk. It is light-hearted and perfect company for my new business deal.

This is my coffee confession.


Life happens with coffee. How many people find love over a Cup of Joe? How many businesses are made? How many first dates or even breakups happen over it? Coffee is more than a bean. According to the Global Coffee Exchange, it is “the world’s second most valuable traded commodity, behind only petroleum. There are approximately 25 million farmers and coffee workers in over 50 countries involved in producing [it] around the world.”


Coffee is more than just something you drink. It is an experience. It is part of our culture.

Each day I am fueled by coffee. I like to experience life with it by my side. It is the grounding of my time. What experiences have you had while sipping a cup of your favorite brew? What is your coffee confession?

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