In this two-part series, we explore how the setup of a trade show booth and area can affect how long and how many people come into your booth. Many times, a small promotional item is on the list of must-grabs for Mom and Dad to bring home for the kids upon the return home. However, while they are in the presence of your booth, there is an opportunity to spark their interest with your product or service and hopefully, build a robust and fruitful working relationship from meeting at the show. It is time to capitalize on trade show opportunities coming up!

We hope you enjoy some of the ideas we are going to share!

Cupa Cabana Trade Show Tips Jan 2017

Trade shows are an excellent way to put yourself in a place where people interested in your industry gather to meet friends, business colleagues, and network. A trade show is an opportunity to reach a very particular crowd and do face-to-face marketing, which is seen as more steadfast and sincere versus some electronic and online business discussions. A trade show booth is a significant component of reaching your ideal customer. Where you choose and how your team works together has a big part on what you can achieve. Here are some great tips on what to do with your trade show planning.

Make Sure Your Team Is Prepared

A quick summary of the key times and locations people need to be is a helpful reminder of expectations and requirements. A one or two-page document that allows them to see a schedule can help them plan their travel and be able to correspond with whom they are working. Teams that are in-sync with their show schedule utilize a tradeshow checklist. These lists cover things like transportation options, directions, driving costs, emergency numbers, etc. Once created, they can be edited to the needs of each particular tradeshow. This is helpful for companies that cover an array of industries and specialties. A basic template saves time!


Digitize Certain Aspects of Your Booth

Whether it is an interactive display, a demonstration in regards to a new app, or a photo slideshow – having a digital presence in a booth is eye-catching and conversation-starting. If you have a significant amount of tradeshow traffic and your team is engaged in discussions, that visual aid may hold someone’s attention long enough so that a team member will still be able to start a conversation before they lose interest in waiting. A video will also help explain to people who you are and what you do. All parties are on the same page. It is a not-so-silent business partner when you need it most.

Check out the remaining four tips in our next post later this week! We’ll share some booth design ideas, and effective promotional items that won’t break right away. Quality speaks abounds when it comes to your business. Prepare. Analyze. Learn. Implement. These tips will help you achieve a great show presence. Don’t forget to use social media and take pictures to document booth setups. The booth design history will help determine what works and what doesn’t.

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