If you are like most people, you are budgeting for the holidays. Holiday gift giving can get extremely pricey if you have a large family, and in some cases, that family includes your work family. You do spend around 40 (or more) hours with them a week. Luckily, you’ll likely be involved in a gift swap for a reasonable price, where you purchase a $5 or $10 gift and everyone exchanges with another co-worker. So what is a good gift to consider? Well, we maybe a little biased, but we think something espresso or coffee related will be something someone will utilize, and enjoy. Here’s a short list of ideas for the coffee-savvy co-worker in your gift swap.

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Holiday Gift #1: Coffee Mug

There are brilliant and artistic coffee mugs for sale. We love some of the ideas found via Pinterest (you can see some of our favorites right here). If you are part of a gift-swap where you know exactly who you are gifting, you can personalize a coffee mug for that person. Do they love their dogs? Are into the wilderness? If you are close with your co-worker, use your knowledge of their favorite activities to inspire you. If not, something inspirational, eye-catching, or even simple is an option.


Holiday gift - coworker
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Holiday Gift#2: Homemade Cocoa Jar

If you are a fan of DIY – a fun holiday idea is creating a winter-themed Hot-Cocoa Kit. What will you need? Hot Cocoa Powder, miniature Chocolate Drops (mini Hershey Kisses work great!) and a small mason jar glass. In the glass, pour the hot cocoa mix, top with the miniature kisses, and seal tight. Adorn with some seasonal wrappings, a candy cane, and viola! You can make a bunch or different flavors and put into a rustic basket for a sweet treat!


Holiday Gift #3: An Espresso or Coffee Cookbook

If your co-worker has a love for the kitchen, a cookbook with coffee or espresso recipes (think delicious chocolate-espresso cake) is a great gift idea. Make it personalized by finding some particularly delicious recipes online, print them in a cute font, and put them into a binder that you design for your coworker. It shows creativity and thought are put into your gift.


What are some holiday gifts you’d suggest for a co-worker? Show us your work, we’d love to feature it!

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