The season of Fall Events is upon us. Fall festivals, catered events, weddings and street fairs all require an Epic Espresso or cup of coffee. Don’t get me wrong we loved Pumpkin spiced drinks, but there are more flavored coffee beverages for your busy season of fall events.

Fall Events

Five Beverages For Fall Events

Salted Caramel Mocha Latte: Seriously, what is not to enjoy about this classic. The tastes salted caramel melted into a delicious mocha latte. This drink is next-level and appreciated by coffee lovers of all ages. (Recipe)

Mexican Mocha: With a hint of spice, this great tasting coffee beverage is a great way to warm up in the crisp fall air. (Recipe)

Honey Bee Latte: Simple, great-tasting drink for any coffee catering event. Some may even call this delicious drink basic, but who cares — why try to be different, when you can stay classic. (Recipe)

Creamy Mocha Hot Chocolate: Not a coffee drinker? No problem, Cupa Cabana has you covered. Yes, of course, here is a link to the recipe, but spoiler alert: to make it creamy use Coconut Milk. There it is, now it’s your turn to make it delicious for your guests.

Autumn Spiced Toddy: Yes, it’s always toddy time! Fall events are the perfect time for a delicious tasting Autumn Toddy. Easy & smooth cold-brewed iced coffee spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice & cloves. (recipe)

Do you love fall? Do you enjoy fun festive events or have an event coming up? Let us know, and let’s see how Cupa Cabana can make your next event memorable!

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