Time to get brewin’!

In a world full of coffee lovers, having different options is essential. Whether it’s the type of espresso bean or something more drastic like lattes vs. cold brew, a survey of selections is needed. As the original coffee catering company, we’ve got all of our bases covered. When you work with Cupa Cabana, expect a wide arrangement of proprietary beans paired with perfect presentation.

But behind the catering magic, there’s even more to choose from. As some would say, it’s all about the ingredients and the equipment! Top-quality brews deserve the best machines, but many times this comes down to preference. So, today, let’s dive into the three primary espresso machines and what makes them so very different.

Manual Espresso Machines

Let’s get down and dirty. Manual espresso machines aren’t always the fanciest, but what they do provide is consistency. Often the preferred choice for coffee fanatics, just like Cupa Cabana, manual machines are the trusted original. Although the brewing process can seem a bit more demanding, the end result is worth it.

Ready for the details? Instead of using steam pressure, the espresso brews with the help of some human force. Manual machines are piston-driven, requiring the barista to pump a lever generating that much-needed pressure. This is what we like to call “pulling the shot,” a necessary step to the perfect pour.

Not interested in the hands-on approach? Automatic machines may be your best bet!

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

The perfect middle ground – semi-automatic espresso machines are a go-to for many coffee lovers. Typically grinding and tamping your beans for you, semi-automatic means allowing you to pull the shot. With both programmable options and a manual touch, these machines have surged in popularity.

As much as we love a simple process, it should be noted that semi-automatic machines don’t give you the same control as a manual machine. To be honest, it’s not even close. But, we pay the price for convenience!

Automatic Espresso Machines

Are you more into sipping the coffee rather than brewing it? We don’t blame you. Automatic machines take care of all of the work so you can enjoy your cup-of-joe in peace. Simply press a button, and voila, you’re ready to go.

This is an optimal option for those on the go. Or maybe you just aren’t interested in getting too involved with the brew. Either way, having a machine pull the shot for you makes things a whole lot easier.

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