You may have noticed we’ve been covering a bunch of ways to perfect your socially distanced wedding in the past weeks. It should come as no surprise that our team has been focused on how to bring back the spirit of events in the safest way possible.

As the original coffee catering company on the east coast, we’ve felt the effects of being apart first-hand. Not only do we miss out on our fabulous clients, but our professionally trained baristas also miss out on serving up a smile.

Today, we’re focusing on keeping your wedding guests entertained while at a safe distance. And by safe, we mean able to enjoy their day without the risk of violating the 6-foot spacing recommendation. So, what are a few ways we can continue to celebrate your perfect day in 2020? Read on and let us know on social how you’ve been keeping your events as spread out as possible while keeping the party spirit alive.

Easy Ways to Perfect a Socially Distanced Wedding
Easy Ways to Perfect a Socially Distanced Wedding

Remote Guests

By now, we all deserve a certificate in conversing with each other via Zoom or other webcam services. Why not keep the “Zoom boom” alive and get your guests involved from the comfort of their own home? With the ability to have your guests attend remotely, the possibilities for distanced fun continues to grow.

You may be asking yourself the question, “what about sharing meals? Dinner from home isn’t the same!” Fortunately for you, many catering companies are now offering the option to have the same meal at your wedding delivered to your guest’s residences. Cheers to that!

New Wedding Traditions

Imagining a wedding day without that first dance is hard. Think about you can change up the order of events to make things more possible for your special day! While everyone is seated and distanced, take this time to celebrate with your new partner. Although it lacks the same feeling as rushing the dance floor, you can still ignite the party with that unforgettable first dance.

Let’s talk about food. Maybe buffets aren’t the move anymore, but who said cutting out the line is a bad thing? Work with a catering service that can maintain your guest’s distance while hand-delivering food for the crowd to enjoy.

Matching Wedding Masks

The days of only matching dresses and ties are over! Get the bridesmaid and groomsman in the mood with matching masks. But don’t stop there. Matching masks can be provided for the whole groom’s family and the bride’s family, which should make for quite the photo-op! Say cheese.

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