We have a question, and we think we already know the answer. But we’ll ask anyway…

Who would your event guests prefer to handle their java needs: a person who pours drip coffee into a cup or a barista?

It seems like a trick question.

Generally, baristas are only found at brick-and-mortar coffee shops. But what if instead of being held in captivity, talented baristas were free to roam in the wild? (Assuming, of course, that “the wild” includes your favorite venue.)

Why not bring the barista’s skill and expertise in crafting delicious espresso drinks to your next event for your guests to enjoy?

At Cupa Cabana, our traveling baristas undergo the same rigorous training as those in your favorite local café. They learn the intricacies of different types of coffee, roast varieties, brewing methods, and equipment maintenance. They study the mechanics of crafting an assortment of delicious, gourmet espresso drinks. And they learn to assess each venue for an optimal mobile barista experience setup location. They consider the placement of other food or drink stations as well as the flow of the crowd to make sure your event runs smoothly.

As you might guess, these skills need time to develop. That’s why our trainees begin their journey by observing an experienced team consisting of a Head Barista & Assistant Barista. In the next phase, trainees perform hands-on tasks, such as brewing espresso and frothing milk. Once they gradually master more advanced duties and pass a detailed exam, trainees emerge as Assistant Baristas.

Along the way, our baristas understand the most important element of their assignment: delivering a stellar experience to both the client and their guests. This principle applies to both the espresso drinks they serve and the personal service they provide.

For most events, coffee is an afterthought. When you can offer an mobile barista experience that elevates your gathering and gives your guests something to rave about, you make yourself and your client look good.

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