You could say today is one of our favorite holidays here at Cupa Cabana! November 8th marks National Cappuccino Day, and we’re busy finding more than a few ways to celebrate. As the Tri-State’s most popular mobile espresso bar service, our team has been raising mugs all day to say “cheers!”

Did you know Cupa Cabana coffee catering comes loaded with specials, such as latte foam art or the popular cinnamon spice art? Whatever the drink may be, we’ll find a way to add in an extra sense of pizzazz! With that being said, how can we add a little pizzaz to National Cappuccino Day? Take a look below to learn three ways to celebrate in the comfort of your own home or with friends and family. Spread the coffee love on this brew-tiful day!

Gifts for a Coffee Lover

Ember Mug²

Coffee lovers, unite! We’re sure everyone agrees that the gift of coffee is hard to top. Whether it’s something creative like a custom mug, or a bag of beans for the local roastery, giving gifts to a coffee lover is the perfect way to celebrate National Cappuccino Day.

Aside from the obvious, here’s a gift idea that is a little more on the high-end of price. The Ember Mug2 is a coffee fanatics finest dream! With the power to control the exact temperature of your cup of joe, this “smart mug” ensures coffee is never too hot or too cold. Just the perfect temperature for the perfect pour!

Try Out a Specialty Recipe

Get Your Spooky On with a 'Witch's Brew Iced Coffee'

Your daily dose of coffee can’t be beaten, but why not switch things up? And by switching things up, we don’t mean you have to create a “venti pumpkin spice latte with eight shots of espresso, seven pumps of pumpkin sauce, and one pump of maple pecan sauce.” We’re talking about a recipe that is simple but also delicious!

To start off your journey into specialty coffee recipes, click here for the “Witch’s Brew” concoction. What’s a better way to celebrate National Cappuccino Day than by learning a brand new recipe you can show off?

Master the Skill of Latte Art

The skill of latte art isn’t one that comes right away. To master the different designs you see across Instagram takes time and practice. So, why not start now? There are tons of great resources out there to learn how latte art comes to be. Click here for a latte art tutorial that will leave you as skilled as you will be thirsty!

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