It’s no secret just how useful coffee grounds can be for everyday uses, outside of the cup. Here at Cupa Cabana, we are always doing our part to remain as eco-friendly as possible. One of the best ways to stay green is by reusing as much of a product as possible to eliminate unnecessary waste. Let’s start the conversation by covering a few ways you can reuse your coffee grounds and get creative!

Aside from the typical uses of exfoliating skin or fertilizing the garden, you may be wondering just how many other uses coffee grounds can have. We’re going to limit our list to only a few, but keep in mind the many other uses go on.

Get Creative with Your Coffee Grounds

Stimulate Hair Growth

We’re all looking for ways to increase the density of our hair growth, right? Well, you may be surprised to learn that coffee grounds have been regarded for stimulating hair growth on the scalp.

Although it might not take care of the job like a hair growth product such as Rogaine, grabbing a handful of coffee grounds and rubbing them into your scalp can show great results. Simply exfoliate your scalp once or twice a week, and you’ll notice the difference!

Get Rid of Bad Odors

The incredible smell of coffee isn’t just a thing for coffee lovers alone. Since coffee grounds contain nitrogen, they can absorb the foul odors that may haunt your house.

Begin by placing a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge to eliminate those infamous smells of spoiled food. You can even put coffee grounds in old socks (make sure they are clean first) and use them as air fresheners throughout the house. Just don’t be surprised when your guests ask about your new-found sock obsession!

Treat Under-Eye Circles

Since we covered hair growth, let’s dive into another cosmetic use of coffee grounds. If you’re like most of us and beginning to notice darker and darker bags under your eyes, you’re not alone. Luckily, coffee grounds are here to save the day. The antioxidants in coffee have shown great success in fighting free radicals, which are known to speed up our skin’s aging process.

Start by adding water to your coffee grounds and creating a paste. Spread that paste under your eyes and let the magic happen. Ten minutes should do the trick!

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