Aside from dating apps, you probably haven’t heard the phrase “6 feet” used more than in the year 2020. Moving past the quiet summer lies ahead a long winter, resulting in another round of quarantine restrictions. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the fun has to stop there! With the proper plans in place, socially distanced events are just an invite away.

Although it may take meticulous planning, socially distanced events are the way of the future (for now at least). With that being said, let’s dive into a few ideas to keep your party-goers at a safe distance while keeping everyone engaged & entertained.

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Ideas for Social Distanced Events

Drive-in Movie Theater

What’s a more classic feeling than pulling up your car to a large screen and tuning into a classic movie? Even though drive-in theaters are now scarce to find, recreate the experience for your very own in the upcoming months. With screens available on Amazon for just under $100, the setup fee shouldn’t run you too high as long as you can find a friend with a reliable projector.

Once you have the tech side of things set up, imagine the possibilities! Keep cars distanced, but just enough that you can check in with your friends as they enjoy the show.

Limited Conference Meet-ups

Most of us are back in the office, but that might not last much longer. To keep your workplace engaged and ready for action, prepare your conference meeting for a limited group.

No, you can longer host that 1,000 person annual expo. It’s time to get creative! Get your team together in an outdoor setting with the appropriate distance to keep everyone distanced. Don’t worry; they still can tune into your PowerPoint that took way too much time the night before.


We’re sure that everyone reading this is no stranger to the power of Zoom. With most businesses taking their meetings to the online sphere, why not capitalize on the reach of your webcams? Prepare entertainment for your event and let all of your guests exclusively tune in via their devices.

From live concerts to corporate conferences, the possibilities of your live streams give you socially distanced options like never before.

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